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Fitting FileMaker and the Internet to your needs

Sample FileMaker

Use the lowercase word 'login' for both username and password to open these database files over the Internet.

Portable Presentations: This version of a FileMaker presentation solution gathers its illustrations off the Internet - you do not need to carry the images along or permanently load them into the presentation file. The solution can also be set up to gather the pictures from anywhere on your hard drive or be stored in the database itself. Its easy to pick and choose among the many images to make a presentation, and keywords and categories are what you choose.
This displays a selection of pictures from my available collections. Contact me for information about rights or reprints of any of these images.

DemoDeck: This sample demonstration file has examples of the use of calculations with labeling and a variety of special-purpose results. A blank record is created when you enter the file, and you can add more or erase them as you see fit. If not erased, the data will remain in the file, but new visitors are shown only their new blank record.
Your birthdate will generate you age, the number of days to your next birthday, and your astrological sign. Your address will give your a Google hybrid map of your location. The current login name is displayed - a feature which in other situations can allow tracking of who is doing what in the database.
When this file is open over the web the calculations require a click on the "Update Your Record" button to display; if opened on the desktop, the fields fill in as data is entered.

Divination: A simple tool to get an answer to a question, in fact two answers! Based on random number generation.

Sea_Lion_Struggle: A sample presentation show. These can be written with interactive options, and the same file can be served by local filesharing and over the internet simultaneously. Get maximum use out of your work!
In business practice, your product data can also be your sales presentation data!

Fitting FileMaker to your needs

FileMaker is such a versatile data organization tool that I'll provide a quick overview to help you gain an understanding of some of its potential.

Any database can impose some order to your information. Good database setup helps initially, but soon you want to use your information. Here's where FileMaker really shines. It has some distinct advantages over less endowed data management systems.

1) FileMaker incorporates a word processor and abilities from page layout and presentation programs. This combination allows your information to be presented effectively to your organization, to customers, clients and to the general public without the need to export data to other programs. Details from your statistics can be inserted into letters and other forms of communications automatically. Names, facts, figures and blocks of text, text that may be standard 'boilerplate' text, or instead unique to one communication can be mingled in one document.

2) FileMaker can insert photos, charts and other graphics into forms, letters and any document or presentation you create. And you can chart your data too.

3) FileMaker has multiple paths to the Internet. Instant Web Publishing is the simplest, while a PHP frontend to your FileMaker data allows unlimited potential on the web. You can also create customized web page generation systems tailored to your needs. Fill in a form, write your text, include ads, click on a button, and you are ready to place your page online.

4) FileMaker can integrate as many aspects of your operation as you care to digitize. Your suppliers, their products; your customers, their purchases. Even combine the two - which customer is buying from which supplier!

5) FileMaker can make custom labeled windows, named after the report its displaying or function being done, making what you are looking at obvious, and ready to be closed when you are done. You can ask FileMaker to display as much or as little information as is needed for each situation. And with the Accounts and Privileges features, you can decide who has access to which subsets of your information.

6) FileMker can display websites directly within your database file. This feature is so new all the potential uses have yet to be found. It is very useful for research projects, tracking competitors sites and extracting information off the web. I've been combining book research and internet research ion the same page display, making it easy to combine information from any source. An excellent tool for writers!.

7) Print directly on envelopes both your intended recipients address and your letterhead. Or use pre-printed envelopes and just print the recipient. Save the cost and labor of labels.

8) FileMaker now has automated charting abilities. Long a shortcoming, now this is a strength! Now you can watch your data climb into all the commonly used chart types. Printable, presentable and good looking too.

The potential to automate accomplishing work for you is limitless. Custom functions can be created that expand the abilities beyond the many functions which are built in. Its likely I will incorporate custom functions into your system where needed.

Want to relate data from different aspects of your business? No problem! Here are a few real-life ways to get more from your business records with FileMaker: Automatically incorporate information off the web too.

The basic facts - how many and how much - will be readily available for all your records, for sales, purchases, investigations, inquiries or for any other category you can create and track.

Place all products from a specific source onscreen alongside an order form automatically generated for that supplier, then drag and drop their part or item number into the order form to auto enter all needed detail there. Go back to enter quantities and you are done.

Let your sales figures combine with past orders to prompt you to order again.

Organize your research - click a button to find 'basics' in all categories, or find 'basics' in one category, or all notes and webpages on a specific subject or division of one subject. Integrate webpages directly into your database. Take notes off the web without leaving FileMaker.

Relate all product information together - descriptions, sources, costs, who is buying it, anything.

Use your database as a presentation tool. Eliminate the need for separate Powerpoint documents, use FileMaker and your already existing data instead. Create a template layout or two for use in all your presentations- online, in the classroom, in front of clients at meetings, on the road, at home or in the office. FileMaker excels at presenting photos, and selection the proper ones is a snap.

Use your already-recorded names and addresses to generate Google Maps (or use other map sources) without the need to reenter again. Print the map out along with the why and who and what about of the planned visit.

Once a tracking number for a shipment via FedEx, USPS or UPS is entered, automatically get the tracking results in FileMaker without reentering anything.

Tracking stocks? That can be automated too with FileMaker and web resources.

Use birthdays to produce age, days to the next birthday, or a list of all birthdays in the next week or month. Useful for keeping clients and family members happy! Generate a list of all US holidays for any year. All this with or without an actual calendar.